Digital Marketing Solutions
For The Restaurant & Hospitality Industry


Website Design

web-designEat Out Marketing provide a complete professional Website Design service specifically for the restaurant, hospitality and food industry. Focusing on this sector allows us to deliver solutions cost effectively whilst providing the advanced facilities your type of business requires on the web.

This includes areas such as easy and convenient content management allowing you to regularly update areas of your site such as your menu or special events. Presentation of your facilities is key to the promotion of your business.

Our standard websites are high quality, fully featured but don’t cost the earth. There are no upfront costs, all you pay is a monthly fee that covers the design and build of your website, photography of your product and ongoing support post launch.

Our service ranges from a simple brochure site through to fully functional e-commerce sites and include, Domain registration, hosting packages, e-mail, search engine registration, content management systems, on-line booking system, PDF brochure creation.

Website Services

web-servicesHosting is where your web site “lives” allowing it to be delivered over the Internet for your customers to see and use.

This is an important decision to ensure your web site is delivered reliably and effectively. There are many sub standard hosting services available in the market place.

Eat Out Marketing has employed its 30 years of experience in IT infrastructure to select the appropriate hosting services for our customers. There are many factors to consider for hosting. The capabilities of the hosting services we have selected are amongst the best in the industry.

Website Marketing

web-marketingSearch Engine Optimisation is essential to the success of your business on the Internet. There is no point in having a nice looking web site if nobody can find it. We work with you to ensure your budget is balanced between site design and being found.

Eat Out Marketing specialises in attracting the visitors you need for your business. We focus on increasing relevant traffic to your website by increasing your position in the search engines. Our search engine experts work diligently with you to meet and exceed your promotional needs. We do NOT use “doorway pages”, “trickery” or “spamming techniques”. These inappropriate practices may potentially deliver short-term results. However they will put you at risk of longer-term exclusion from the key search engines. It is critical you select your provider of these services carefully.

Our websites are optimised around heavily searched terms that relate to your specific restaurant or hospitality service in your area. Many hours of careful research has allowed us to focus on optimised solutions specifically for your industry.

Every major search engine uses link analysis to position your business on search results. As a result, link analysis gives search engines a useful means of determining which pages are good for particular topics and search phrases. The more meaningful and relevant links you have the higher your search engine positioning will be. Eat Out Marketing has developed the knowledge and skills to efficiently build an effective links network for your type of business.


ecommerceMore and more businesses are using the internet as a low-cost sales channel.

We can set you up to sell your products or services on-line with fully functional e-commerce website.

This can include an updatable product catalogue, a shopping basket and on-line payment functionality.


photographyAt Eat Out Marketing we are in a position to offer a wide range of corporate and commercial photography for use in a variety of ways.

We specialize in the restaurant and hospitality industry with Quality images which can help bring your website to life, showcasing interiors, exteriors and detailed shots, including food, staff, customers, social events, openings, relaunches and even celebrity visits.

We have also been known to do weddings, events, portraits, functions and presentation evenings.

We take great pride in our ability to create and provide you with the highest quality / professional photographs specially tailored to your needs.

You receive the copyright license and high resolution images on CD, therefore you can use the images however you wish, i.e. marketing, publicity, PR, menus, website, brochures, press releases and CDs.


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